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Aperture is your most creative camera setting and knowing when you show everything, and when to hide somethings is crutial when making great photographs! 


In this hour long presentation I go through the most key setting on your camera and that is aperture! After this course, you will understand how the aperture in your lens can affect the image you take, whether you are taking a portrait and want the blurry background look, or trying to capture great landscapes where you want to see it all. All of that is done with your aperture.  

Aperture Workshop

C$80.00 Regular Price
C$50.00Sale Price
  • This course is delivered via email and is a link to an hour long video presentation where I will walk you through everything you need to know about aperture. Once payment has been recieved, the link will be avialable for 24 hours. The following day the link will expire. If you have any questions, shoot me an email prior to payment and I can certianly help you out! I'm excited for you to begin capturing more creative looking images!

  • Payment is taken online via credit cards or via E-Transfer. E-Transfer can be sent to I will need your first and last name along with your email.

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